program benefits

The au pair program is a live and learn experience.  It is an opportunity to understand American cultural lifestyles, beliefs, traditions, and language.  You will make lifelong friends, gain confidence, mature, and face challenges.

The program offers you:

  • Airfare to Portland, Oregon.
  • Travel to your host family home,
  • 4 nights at Hotel during au pair workshop,
  • Full breakfast and lunch during USAuPair orientation and workshop,
  • Medical insurance,
  • Private bedroom and meals at host family home,
  • Minimum weekly wage of $195.75 US (51 weeks),
  • Up to $500 US contribution toward education,
  • Two weeks vacation,
  • One free weekend each month (Friday evening to Monday morning),
  • 1.5 continuous days off each week,
  • Program support from local USAuPair representative,
  • Monthly meetings with USAuPair representative and other au pairs.

au pairYour minimum weekly wages of $195.75 total approximately $10,000.  The weekly wage is determined by the U.S. Department of Labor and may change in the future.

USAuPair representatives support au pairs.  They can offer advice with culture shock, homesickness, and communication. The counselors also arrange fun monthly meetings with other au pairs in your area.

Au pairs who successfully complete their programs may extend their program; or they may  use a 30-day visa grace period to explore America before returning to their home country.



Extension requests are six, nine or twelve months.

Complete our online form, and one of our representatives will contact you with more information.