about us

USAuPair sponsors an international cultural exchange program designated by the U.S. Department of State. Our program offers young adults the opportunity to spend a year with American or foreign host families while caring for their children and enrolling in language, cultural, and other classes.

The official designation allows us to sponsor J-1 exchange visitor visas for qualified au pairs who have passed a rigorous screening process. We facilitate the matching process between au pairs and carefully selected host families. A broad network of support ensures program success.

Many on our team were once au pairs and/or have hosted au pairs for our own children. USAuPair’s foundation is built on more than four decades of combined experience in cultural exchange programs. We understand a busy family’s need for quality child care and an au pair’s desire to learn about a new culture.

The need for understanding, tolerance and acceptance of cultural differences becomes greater as our world becomes smaller. Our goal is to foster and promote intercultural understanding through the au pair program.